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CA Education Portal Exam Registration Instructions

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1.Go to the CA Education Portal
2.In the Keywords field, enter the product name followed by “exam”. You can also search for your exam by entering the course code.
3.To register for an exam, click the Add to Cart button. At that point, you will be prompted to log in, or register for the first time, before you can continue.
4.Upon completing your registration and enrollment, review your selections and click the Finish button. You can then view your selection in the Training to Do List under the My Learning tab.
5.When you are ready to take the exam, select “Go to Content.” PLEASE DO NOT CLICK “Go to Content” TO LAUNCH THE EXAM UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO COMPLETE IT; OTHERWISE IT COUNTS AS AN ATTEMPT. UPON LAUNCHING EXAM, DO NOT EXIT OR CLOSE PRIOR TO SUBMITTING IT FOR GRADING. If the exam is proctored in class, enter the case-sensitive proctor code and proctor name precisely as it is provided.
6.After you have passed the exam, you may print your CA Accreditation certificate. In the CA Education Portal, go to My Learning, then Training Completed.
7.You may refer to course materials during the exam unless otherwise instructed. Please take the exam by yourself upon logging into the exam site. Answer all the questions in one sitting. You may skip questions and go back to answer them. The typical exam time is 75 minutes, and the typical passing score is 80%. Upon completing the exam, be sure to click “Grade Exam” to submit it.

Useful CA Access Control Learning Paths

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The CA Access Control Learning Paths provide comprehensive training for CA Access Control. CA Access Control addresses regulatory controls on servers across large, heterogeneous environments by containing privileged operating system accounts and ensuring accountability for administrative actions. It minimizes security risks through an unparalleled combination of fine-grained access control and cross-platform host protection, combined with the efficiency of policy-based security management. CA Access Control also helps address compliance by proving the interaction each user had with a given system through detailed audit information. CA Education offers many options for CA Access Control, all of our course offerings and Security Management Accreditations are available online, in addition to the recommended learning path found below.