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CLP 190-956 Exam Downloadable

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190-956 exam questions accompanied by exhibits. Verified Answers Researched by Industry Experts and almost 100% correct.
1. When a user  removes a mail message with an attachment  stored  in DAOS, which of  the  following occurs if the user is assigned a mail quota?
A.The total attachment size is removed against the user’s quota
B.The total size of the mail message and attachment is removed against the user’s quota
C.The total size of any attachment stored in DAOS does not count toward the user’s quota
D.The total size of the mail message without the attachment is removed against the user’s quota
Answer: A
2. Your development  team has modified  the client download site  for Lotus Traveler. All of  the changes, though,  are  not  being  seen  as  the  server  is  still  pointing  to  the  old  directory  and  files.  You  have successfully modified the Home URL in the Internet Site Document. Which of the following must also be modified?
A.The servlet utilized by the Domino Web server
B.The NTS_WEBSITE_HOME parameter in the notes.ini file
C.Disable Internet Site documents in the Domino server
D.Make TCP port 8642 available to all users to see the new site documents
Answer: B
3. To help thwart unauthorized access to ID files in the ID vault, you can choose to require which of the following?
A.That someone with password reset authority approves all ID downloads
B.That only group names are placed in the vault security document in the Domino server
C.That the person fills out a download request in the vault to be approved by a vault manager
D.That the ID vault be encrypted with a secret encryption key shared with only the proper administrators
Answer: A
4.  In Lotus Notes 8.5,  the start-up sequence has been  reordered  for users. Presume  that  the  following notes.ini entry is configured:
ENABLE_EARLY_AUTHENTICATION=0 Which of the following occurs to the user experience?
A.Users are not allowed to utilize Windows shared login
B.Users are prompted to authenticate before the Notes workbench
C.The Notes workbench appears, and users are prompted to authenticate
D.Users are forced to utilize Windows shared login instead of Notes login
Answer: C

CLP 190-980 Exam Downloadable

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1. Susan has created a  list of  IP Addresses  for  the web server  that are allowed access and a  list of  IP
Addresses  that  are  denied  access.  Both  are  placed  in  the  appropriate  fields.  Which  field  takes
precedence BY DEFAULT when the same IP address is found in both lists?
A.The Allow Access field
B.The Deny Access field
C.The Substitution Access field
D.An error will be presented stating an address may not be in both fields
Answer: A
2. Where does the Domino Server Setup program store the certifier ID file by default?
A.In the Domino Name and Address Book
B.In any network drive location that you specify during installation
C.In the directory you specify as the Domino data directory during installation
D.On the Domino Administrator’s local machine in My Documents\Lotus\Certifiers directory
Answer: C
3. You have  the ability  to  set different  levels of administration access  to users. Which of  the  following
represents the hierarchy order for privileges from greatest to least access?
A.Server administrator > View Console administrator > Administrator > User administrator
B.Full access administrator > Administrator > Full console administrator > System administrator
C.Full Console administrator > System Administrator > Full Access administrator > Administrator
D.Full  server access administrator > Console  rights administrator > User administrator > View access
only administrator
Answer: B
4. While you used the Domino Administrator client, what two subtabs may be found under the Messaging
A.Router and Mailboxes
B.Mail and Tracking Center
C.Mail Users and SMTP Configuration
D.Mail Statistics and Mail Analysis
Answer: B