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The value of SAP Certification Training

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Where to begin SAP Certification / What it involves:
SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing, and is a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package from a German company named SAP AG.
Completing a SAP overview course is suitable for students with little or no SAP experience. There are two entry level courses. You should choose carefully between them to see which one is more suited to your needs. Both courses are three days in duration.
1) SAP 01 ?SAP Overview:
This is the functional overview course for students who intend on becoming application consultants.
2) SAPTEC ?mySAP Technology Solution Fundamentals:
This is the technical overview course for those who plan on becoming technical consultants, programmers or system managers/administrators.
Once you have completed the SAP01 or SAPTEC, you can progress to the SAP Certification program although the above courses are not a prerequisite for SAP Certification. It is recommended that students undertake SAP Certification in an area where they have a good business understanding as the courses tend to be very challenging for students trying to learn the business processes along with the systems.
SAP Certification is available in the following categories:
- Financials (FI, CO & SEM)
- Human Resource (HR)
- Operations (SD, MM, WM)
- Product Lifecycle Management (PS, PM, CS, QM)
- Supply Chain Management (PP, APO)
Typical SAP Certification courses take five to six weeks in duration. As they are modular they can be taken either back to back or over extended periods. Although courses are offered via distance learning SAP recommends that you physically attend the courses if studying for certification as the distance learning option is geared for a more high level audience.
Career options:
Obtaining a SAP certification is a valuable commodity on your CV but must be combined with industry experience for maximum benefit. Obtaining a SAP exam is not a guarantee of breaking into the SAP job market, you need to accompany it with real hands-on project experience. We recommended that you look for a SAP job opening in an area that you are already familiar with. This way you can build on your current knowledge and progress to a rewarding career.