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SUN certified 310-025 study guides with NowExam 310-025 exam training materials

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SUN certification 310-025 Introduction: SUN System x High Performance Servers Technical Support V4 Overview Exam topics 1.Given.
1.¬† public class test (¬
2.¬† public static void main (String args[]) {¬
3.¬† int i = 0xFFFFFFF1;¬
4.¬† int j = ~i;¬
6.¬† }¬
7.¬† )¬
What is the decimal value of j at line 5?
A. 0¬
B. 1¬
C. 14¬
D. -15¬
E. An error at line 3 causes compilation to fail.¬
F. An error at line 4 causes compilation to fail.¬
2.Given.Integer i = new Integer (42); Long 1 = new Long (42); Double d = new Double (42.0); Which two expressions evaluate to True? (Choose Two)¬
A. (i ==1)¬
B. (i == d)¬
C. (d == 1)¬
D. (i.equals (d))¬
E. (d.equals (i))¬
F. (i.equals (42))¬
Answer.D, E¬
3.Exhibit .
1.¬† public class test (¬
2.  private static int j = 0;
4.¬† private static boolean methodB(int k) (¬
5.¬† j += k;¬
6.¬† return true;¬
1.¬† )¬
3.¬† public static void methodA(int i) {¬
4.  boolean b.
5.¬† b = i < 10 | methodB (4);¬
6.¬† b = i < 10 || methodB (8);¬
7.¬† )¬
9.¬† public static void main (String args[] } (¬
10. methodA (0);¬
11. system.out.printIn(j);¬
12. )¬
13. )¬
What is the result?¬
A. The program prints “0″¬
B. The program prints “4″¬
C. The program prints “8″¬
D. The program prints “12″¬
E. The code does not complete.¬
1.¬† Public class test (¬
2.¬† Public static void main (String args[]) (¬
3.¬† System.out.printIn (6 ^ 3);¬
4.¬† )¬
5.¬† )¬
What is the output?
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